Once upon a time there was our technique of production

All our passion from grape cultivation to bottling.

1. Grape harvest

We harvest our grapes by hand, selecting the bunches and making them cold with a molecular maceration, so as to enhance its aromas.

2. Vinification

In our basins, the wine ferments for a few days producing white, red and rosé wines.

3. Refinement

It is the resting phase of the wine, the one that will give it life, flavor and substance.

4. Bottling

We eliminate impurities and pour our wine into bottles: here the wine continues its transformation with a charm that reaches our palate directly.

All stages of the production process

The vine and the cultivation of grapes is the first important step towards a great wine of prestige and quality.

The pressing of the grapes is done softly, with passion and dedication, bunch after bunch, to intensify the essence of our company.